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Builders Cedar Rapids

The Industry’s Most Trusted Builders

There is a compelling reason as to why Jim Sattler Custom Homes has always been featured in some national publications, garnered the much-needed recognition throughout Cedar Rapids, and received some awards. Our homes and other properties across the community are built by some of the industry’s most skilled craftsmen that have always been dedicated to providing the best structures and the highest possible services to clients. As the leading builders in Cedar Rapids, residents have been turning to us for more than two decades now to assist them with building several structures. We have always worked hard to ensure that we live up to the guidelines of Energy Star while building. Coming up with a building requires a lot of aspects such as experience, certification, trust, and reliability just to mention but a few. We have been the number one choice for residents in Cedar Rapids time and time again based on our reputation.

Our Services/What We Offer

As builders in Cedar Rapids, we have a lot to offer. Whenever you make that wise decision to build with us, you will enjoy a lot of benefits that come with choosing a professional, experienced, certified, and expert builder. As one of the most preferred builders in Cedar Rapids, you will get to enjoy free consultations, a move that will enable you to make an informed decision before choosing to build your home or any other property. We are very sure of the quality of work we do that we offer you a year and a half warranty on your building. And, of course, with us, you will be getting a home or any other property that is built up to the current requirements of the industry. We ensure that we offer our clients homes and other building properties that will serve them for long.

Our Recognition Within the Community

As leading builders in Cedar Rapids, we are proud and humbled for having been recognized by Cedar Rapids and tens of other organizations in the building industry with some publications and awards. We have not relented in what we do. We have always ensured that we put in even more extra effort in the work we do. Quality is not our act; it is, and always has been our habit. In the building we do, we always ensure that it goes along with quality. We take pride in having built hundreds of homes in Cedar Rapids that have lasted for generations. We are humbled for several awards that we have received chief among them being quality awards of HBA Homes Parade, publication in a magazine known as Better Homes, and Habitat for Humanity awards. We are highly recognized across the community, and if you choose us to handle your building needs, you will be working with professional builders in Cedar Rapids.

Why Opt for Jim Sattler Custom Homes?

There are many builders in Cedar Rapids that are ready to assist you. However, not all of them come in as the best in the field of building. Choosing random builders in Cedar Rapids based on proximity or reference by a friend may end up being one of the most expensive mistakes of your life. We are certified and fully licensed to operate. We have the building experience that we have acquired for more than two decades now. We have been creating exceptional buildings and homes for our huge client base for over two decades now. Building with us translates to building a better and a secure future for you and your family. Call us today on (319) 395 9157 for free consultations and begin building your dreams with our help.

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